Taking Care of Your Egyptian Cotton Sheets

If you were to count the number of things in your home that you consider to be an investment it would probably take awhile for you to add “bed sheets” to the list. After all, bed sheets are normally very inexpensive and fairly easy to damage. However this is certainly not the case when you are talking about Egyptian cotton sheets. Egyptian cotton is about as luxurious as it gets when you are talking about your bed’s sheets. However, if you are going to make the financial decision to buy Egyptian linen bed sheets then you need to be able to take care of them properly. Here is some information that will help you do just that.


Why So Expensive

The first thing you need to understand is why Egyptian cotton is so expensive to begin with. Egyptian cotton is made from a special species of cotton that is entirely different from the cotton plant used to create most cotton products. This plant species has properties that are highly unique, such as longer fiber strands, due to growing in the warmer Egyptian climate. This allows for a type of cotton to be made that is far more durable and more luxurious than anything else that is currently on the market.

How to Care For the Sheet

Taking care of sheets made from this kind of cotton is relatively simple. You do need to understand that if you stain these sheets you could be effectively ruining them. For the amount of money that you can expect to pay for these sheets you will want to follow these tips to the letter.

While most sheets can simply be thrown in the washing machine these are better off being handled by a professional. While it may seem odd to have your sheets dry cleaner it really is a better bet that they will be preserved and kept in perfect shape if cleaned by someone who knows what they are doing. Never simply throw them in the machine because the heavy pounding they will get can ruin them very quickly. You can learn more facts about Egyptian cotton sheets here.

Folding Matters

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to protect your sheets is how they are folded. You don’t want to just wad them up into a ball and throw them in a linen closet. Perfecting a fold that has very few creases is essential as crease lines will eventually wear your sheets down and could potential cause holes or worn spots.

A Decor Investment

Remember that these sheets are an investment in your home’s style, décor, and overall value. While spending upwards of one hundred dollars may seem a little silly it is an investment that you will be able to feel in the level of comfort and the number of years that these sheets will bring.

When Your Sink Leaks It Causes Water Damage

sink-water-damageWater damage can be a highly expensive and annoying problem to have to deal with. It seems that it can pop up in the most unexpected of places and really spread in unexpected ways. One of the worst places in your home for attracting water damage, oddly enough, is your kitchen sink. Your kitchen can be a hotbed for water damage due to the high volume of water that passes through it on a daily basis. If you are curious as to how water damage could come from your kitchen sink or if you have a water damaged kitchen sink and want to know how to get rid of it here are some tips to help you.

Call An Expert Instead Of Fixing It Yourself

One of the first things you need to understand is that if you think there is water damage in your kitchen, or anywhere in your home for that matter, you need to call in a water damage expert. A water damage expert, such as the kind at damagecontrol-911.com will be able to conduct a thorough search throughout your home or kitchen and determine whether or not there is water damage. If they find water damage they will see to it that the source is found and dealt with in a timely manner. This eliminates any guesswork and can actually save you a significant amount of time and money.

.. Because You Might Have Mold

You need to understand that if you have a leaky kitchen sink it can be causing tremendous amounts of water damage and in different forms. One of the most common forms of water damage, and the kind you are likely to face is that of mold. Mold needs two things in order to spread and grow. It must have moisture and it must have heat. Underneath your kitchen sink supplies two of those needs.

When there is a leak the water that drips from the pipes starts to accumulate. Paired with the hot temperatures that likely happen in that area and the fact that there is little light means that the potential for mold growth starts to skyrocket. This is something that should be taken care of quickly before it gets worse.


Or Wood Rot

Another form of water damage comes in the form of wood rot. When the water from the leaky pip builds up it can start to weaken the wooden area of the sink. This means that the wood will eventually rot out. If there is mold involved then the process is sped up due to the highly corrosive nature of the mold. If the mold or water spreads throughout your kitchen floor then you could be looking at a highly dangerous situation in which your floor is no longer safe to walk on. You need to be sure to call in a water damage and mold remediation expert to help you, such as the mold experts at DamageControl-911.com. This is the best and most cost effective way to prevent worse problems from occurring.

Best Solutions For Your Dog Jumping Over The Fence

When you own a larger dog that cannot be kept inside there are not a lot of options at your disposal. You either opt for a chain or a fence to keep them in the yard. A fence is normally enough to do the job but sometimes it simply will not do. While DoggyBakery highlights one of the best dog fences on the market, there are other potential solutions that can be looked into. Here are some of the best solutions for keeping your little fence jumper within their boundaries and safe at home.

One of the most popular tools for keeping a dog in the yard is an invisible fence. These are a great solution for those who want to keep their dog in one spot without having to use a leash. The invisible fence is essentially a perimeter that is set in your yard while your dog wears a transmitter on their collar. When your dog attempts to breach that perimeter a high pitched sound that only your dog can hear is emitted from the transmitter. The sound is unpleasant and your dog will know that they have gone past their usual bounds.

There are variations on this method, some involving electric shock collars which may be necessary for larger or very willful animals but this should only be considered in more extreme circumstances. If you want to use one of these more stringent methods then you should definitely talk to your vet to ensure that your dog is able to handle such a method.

It does need to be said that these collars are not designed to hurt the dog in any significant way. They merely provide enough of a shock to make them stop attempting to jump the fence. This is the responsible thing to do and will help to ensure your dog’s health in addition to just keeping them from hopping the fence.

Of course, of all the methods out there, there is no real substitute for good old fashioned training. While it is true that there are plenty of breeds and dogs that do not always respond well to certain types of training. You may even find that it is necessary to call in a professional dog trainer in order to teach them not to jump over the fence.

This is a very time consuming method that requires a great deal of discipline on your part as you will have to keep up with the dog’s training. A single instance of inconsistency could throw your entire training regiment for them completely off and they will be right back to hopping the fence like they had not been trained at all. However, if you stick with it you will find that they are quite obedient.

Keeping a dog that is capable of jumping over a fence from doing just that is not exactly an easy task. No matter how domesticated dogs may be, there is still an inherent instinct to go where they want and do what they want. With these tools and tips, however, you will find that keeping safe in your yard is less difficult than you may think.

Wooden Floor Water Damage Repair

Having a good, strong wooden floor is one of the best features a home can have. It is so important that often when you look at listings for homes they will have wooden floors listed as a selling point. However, mother nature can sometimes take a turn for the worst and take a toll on your wood floors in the form of water damage. Water damage that can come from a flood or from moisture being let into your home can take a devastating toll on your wooden floors. If you want to repair the water damage that has been done to your wooden flooring then here is what you need to know.

The first thing you need to understand is that water damage may not only affect the immediate flooring. It could also affect the wooden support underneath. This can cause serious structural damage as a result of the wood absorbing moisture and softening over time. This is the same thing that causes damage to the flooring itself. If you are concerned with how much it will cost for you to be able to fix the damages then you need to call your homeowners insurance representative and see whether or not your insurance will cover the damages. This can save you a significant amount of money as well as peace of mind. We Dry Miami can help get your floors dried back up quick, fast, and in a hurry.

wedrymiami.comKeep in mind that some insurance policies do not cover what they consider to be “acts of god” such as floods. This is because of the random and unpredictable nature of them. If you are covered then immediately call in a professional to deal with the problem quickly and thoroughly. If you are not covered then you may still want to consider calling in an expert. Flooring can be dangerous when damaged and you don’t want to call in to question the safety of your loved ones to save a few bucks.

Firefly Vaporizer Rating

The world of vaporizers is one that has only recently come into its own. It began as a novelty for many but before long it had become a full grown industry that is wildly popular. The earlier days of vaporizers were a time of wild innovation where some of the most prominent brands today got their start. There were many companies that started over night to try and cash in on what they thought to be a fad. Those companies are gone. One of the best companies to emerge in 2012 was Firefly Vapor if you check the history of vapor domain. Their portable Firefly vaporizer is still one of the most popular vaporizers on the market.

The Firefly vaporizer is considered a true legacy vaporizer in the sense that is a gold standard to which other portable vaporizers are held. Many thought a successful follow-up vaporizer could not be made but those people have been proven wrong thanks to the Firefly 2. The Firefly 2 is a worthy successor to the Firefly thrown, and here’s why.

Brand New Body

If there were any real drawbacks to the previous model it would be that it is bulky considered to some of the portable vaporizers on the market today. It is not that the original design was not functional, in fact it is still a fairly sleek design, but some updating was definitely needed. Firefly vapor has maintained the original model’s design style while putting it in a smaller body. In fact, it is one third smaller than the original model.

Even better is the fact that the Firefly 2 is less than half the weight of the original Firefly. This is due to the fact that Firefly Vapor chose to take advantage of better materials such as magnesium alloy for the new body. This means that you can more easily use the Firefly 2 in a discreet manner, as many vapers prefer.

Always remember, if you are a first time vaper, the experience between vaping and smoking are quite different and the vaporizer has varibles also in results.

Full Power

The early days of portable vaporizers had plenty of drawbacks, some of which even the superb Firefly could not escape. One of the worst problems that plagued Firefly users was that of poor batteries. The batteries for the original Firefly were pretty poor due to the fact that they would only work their best when they were new. It would not take long before the batteries would stop functioning normally. At first they would take longer to charge while holding less of a charge. Before long the batteries would stop holding a charge at all.

These problems are not present with the new Firefly model. The batteries are a significant improvement over the original batteries. They charge faster and hold a charge longer. It only takes around twenty minutes to charge 4/5 of the way and forty five minutes to get a full charge.

The Firefly 2 is what happens when a company dedicates themselves to creating a superior product. There are a lot of fans of the original vaporizer and there is very little one could criticize about this new incarnation. It is simply a more well rounded vaporizer and deserves every bit of praise it gets.

Why Your Business Must Be Mold Free

When you own a business there is a lot that needs to be considered and taken care of. You have to ensure that you are able to pay your employees. You need to be able to keep a budget. But one of the most important things to keep in mind is to maintain a safe environment for your employees to work in. This is why it is very important to ensure that your workplace is mold free.

Mold is one of the worst substances that can be encountered in the workplace because it is so hard to detect before it becomes a full blown problem. Mold is microscopic in its earliest form, a spore. The spores spread throughout the air.

When the spores spread they are easy to inhale. This is extremely dangerous for your employees because mold inhalation can cause terrible sickness. Year after year people report feeling sick, whether it is in the form of a bad cough or not being able to properly breathe. These are signs of respiratory illness.

If your employees get sick due to mold exposure in the workplace then there is a serious problem. Not only could you be held legally responsible for the sickness, but they could quite possibly die of the illness.

If you want to ensure that your business is safe for your employees to work in then you have to make some necessary decisions. The first thing you have to do is figure out whether or not there is mold in your workplace. The best way to find out is to hire a mold professional to inspect the workplace.  There are several ways mold can begin to grow, such as a leaking roof or other water related damages.

While having knowledge about mold and it’s growth is great it’s not nearly enough to really take care of the problem. An experienced and highly trained mold remediation expert has the equipment and knowledge to not only help you take care of the problem but also to do it with out wasting your valuable money and time.

Through the use of superior equipment and techniques that aren’t available to the general public and average consumers a mold remediation expert can look through walls, floor boards, and ceilings to check for mold growth and help you top keep your business profitable and safe during the removal process.

Mold can be a very real hazard to the health of your employees. A mold remediation expert has the equipment and experience to help you keep everyone safe during the inspection and removal process and can tell you if the building is still habitable during these times.

The last thing you want going for your business is a bunch of your employees getting sick and or being hospitalized due to the mold hiding in your offices.

After they have removed the mold from your building they will begin a deodorization process that will make the building pleasant to work in again. It is your responsibility to keep your business a safe place and a mold remediation expert can help you do that with out losing a bunch of money and business.

Ft. Walton Beach Commercial Water Damage

If you live in Pensacola FL or the Fort Walton Beach area then you are likely no stranger to hurricane season. Hurricane season is one of the biggest suppliers of the one thing every commercial building owner hates to deal with: water damage. Water damage can have devastating effects on a person’s business and livelihood. Water damage can end a business if it is left unchecked for too long. If you suspect your business has water damage and you want to confirm or alleviate those fears then it is critical that you bring in professional water damage experts, such as the ones found at http://dcpensacola.com/mold-remediation-fort-walton-beach-fl/ .

By bringing in experts you are making sure that your business is completely water damage free. If you were to try and handle the water damage on your own then you run the risk of someone getting hurt or sick as a result of being exposed to the damage. This could result in terrible legal consequences for you. On top of that, you could end up losing even more money having to do additional repairs. You could even lose your business entirely if you are not careful.

When you call in a professional water damage expert you are also making sure that no stone is unturned. Much of water damage is visible. You can see rotting wood from structural damage and you can see black mold fairly well. However sometimes it is what you do not see that is just as important as what you do see. Mold is microscopic, especially in its spore form. You could be inhaling mold spores and not even realize it until it is too late. A water damage expert will have the necessary equipment to guard their respiratory system and do an in depth, up close search.

Another reason why you want to have an expert handle your commercial building is because they can see to it that the remediation process is handled quickly and without incident. This is very important because water damage can cause the building to be hut down entirely if it is left unchecked, so an expert’s touch will ensure that it is back to normal in a timely and efficient matter. A water damage expert will be able to work with you to establish a realistic timeline as to when your building will be fully operational again.

Remember that water damage is not something to fool with. If left unchecked it can shut your building down for good or even cause someone illness or harm. You do not want that kind of problem on your conscience. If you have even the smallest suspicion that your building is afflicted with water or mold damage then waste no time thinking it over. Call in an expert and have your suspicions definitively confirmed or denied. At best you will find your building is just fine and at worst you will have to go through the remediation process to get it back in good shape. It is worth the investment either way.

Is Home Mold A Serious Health Threat? Let’s Put The Mold Argument To Bed Forever!

...black mold black soot black darkness black

Insurance companies lobbying congress on national and state levels stating that thee are thousands of needless mold remediation jobs charged to them without cause, claiming there is no science to back the claims of black mold being a deadly agent.  Yet insurance companies spend millions and millions in lobbying efforts to lessen their financial responsibilities concerning mold exposure via legislation.

Here are some facts that you should know when the naysayers start shouting from the rooftops.

The Arizona department of Health Services has a PDF that calls mold a “Bioterrorism Agent” and even specifically names the type of molds found in the average home.


Bioterrorism Agent Profiles for Health Care Workers

Causative Agent: Tricothecene mycotoxins (T-2 mycotoxins) are nonvolatilecompounds produced by filamentous fungi primarily of the genera Fusarium, Myrotecium, Trichoderma, and Stachybotrys.

Routes of Exposure: Inhalation, Dermal, and Oral.

Read More…

The report openly states that if injested with contaminated food, the death rate is 10 to 20%. The mold known as “Stachybotrys” commonly produces “Tricothecene mycotoxins”. The deadly agent that is suspected of chemical warfare use in the Middle East in the past.

Most experts in the field suggest that 20 to 25% of all US homes are riddled with mold and the potential devastating health effects mold in the home delivers to their host.

In the following video we learn that the DoD also calls mold a bio weapon and list it as extremely deadly, but what’s more important is you can see how it devastated a family and their home.

The evidence seem to keep mounting against mold and it’s adverse effects on humans and animals. Let’s see what else we can find. If mold is not that serious, why are doctors warning people and educating them on the dangers of mold in your home and treating people for mold exposure?

The CDC acts like it’s not that big of a deal and attempts to lessen the impact. Here’s what they had to say about the topic:

“The term “toxic mold” is not accurate. While certain molds are toxigenic, meaning they can produce toxins (specifically mycotoxins), the molds themselves are not toxic, or poisonous. Hazards presented by molds that may produce mycotoxins should be considered the same as other common molds which can grow in your house. There is always a little mold everywhere – in the air and on many surfaces. There are very few reports that toxigenic molds found inside homes can cause unique or rare health conditions such as pulmonary hemorrhage or memory loss. These case reports are rare, and a causal link between the presence of the toxigenic mold and these conditions has not been proven. Read More…

That is the complete opposite of the DOD, state health departments and the WHO, who stated:

The background material for the review was prepared by invited experts and discussed at a WHO working group meeting, convened in Bonn, Germany, 17–18 October 2007. The conclusions of the working group discussion are presented
in Chapter 5 and are reproduced in this executive summary, as follows.

Sufficient epidemiological evidence is available from studies conducted in different countries and under different climatic conditions to show that the occupants of damp or mouldy buildings, both houses and public buildings, are at
increased risk of respiratory symptoms, respiratory infections and exacerbation of asthma. Some evidence suggests increased risks of allergic rhinitis and asthma. Although few intervention studies were available, their results show that remediation of dampness can reduce adverse health outcomes.

There is clinical evidence that exposure to mould and other dampness-related microbial agents increases the risks of rare conditions, such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, allergic alveolitis, chronic rhinosinusitis and allergic fungal sinusitis.

Toxicological evidence obtained in vivo and in vitro supports these findings, showing the occurrence of diverse inflammatory and toxic responses after exposure to microorganisms isolated from damp buildings, including their spores, metabolites and components.

While groups such as atopic and allergic people are particularly susceptible to biological and chemical agents in damp indoor environments, adverse health effects have also been found in nonatopic populations.

The increasing prevalences of asthma and allergies in many countries increase the number of people susceptible to the effects of dampness and mould in buildings.

Read the full report…

Then you have thousands and thousands of individual local contractors that provide mold remediation that make these claims daily, based off of what they witness in the field on a daily basis.

The evidence is in and insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart.

Knowing that 1 in 4 to 1 in 5 US homes are riddled with potentially toxic mold should be enough to get your home inspected by a professional if you have any of the symptoms in this post.

Even top stars have been affected by mold. The following article on Mercola highlights Susan Summers and her battle with not just cancer, but mold also. You should see how crazy this story get’s, including a second misdiagnosis of cancer for the striken star that turned out to be mold exposure.

Always remember, Doctors are just as human as we are and often miss the diagnosis when mold is lurking in the shadows.